Download SMS Seal

SMSSEAL safeguards your privacy by keeping your SMS communications private and protected. All your SMS communications and contacts stored in SMSSEAL are safe and password protected.


Ease of Use: SMSSEAL is highly user friendly, intuitive, and most of all simple to use.

Security: Application is password protected and all SMS messages sent using SMSSEAL are encrypted with advance encryption algorithms (AES 256 bit encryption). All SMS messages sent using SMSSEAL are not displayed in the native message inbox


Mobile: SMSSEAL is designed specifically for Android phones. A global version compatible with iPhones, Blackberry devices, and J2ME phones will be available soon.

Geography: SMSSEAL can be used globally (local laws, regulations and restrictions apply).

User Credits: User can purchase 10 SMSSEAL credits for $1.00 and each SMS costs one credit or 10 cents.

Paypal Integration: User can purchase SMSSEAL credits from Paypal mobile application integrated in the SMSSEAL application.

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Download Credits for BlackBerry and J2ME Phones

Download Confitacts
Confitacts is a privacy management application for mobile phones. Simple yet elegant, the application allows users to password protect personal contacts and make them private.


Ease of Use: Confitacts is highly user friendly, intuitive, and most of all simple to use.

Security: Contacts in Confitacts are password protected. iPhone users have an option to display a dummy name so that the real name of the contact will not be displayed while sending and receiving SMS and phone calls in the native inbox. Android users do not have and do not need this feature as Confitacts deletes private SMS and phone call logs from native inbox automatically to protect your privacy.


Mobile: Confitacts is compatible with iPhones and Android phones.

Geography: Confitacts can be used globally.

Cost: Confitacts is a free application and does not cost anything to the user.

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